So glad that you are here...

Greetings, beautiful ones, know that you're not merely a visitor; you are an essential part of a collective unfolding, where the miracle of transformation begins with your unique presence.

We have so many new conversations and productions coming on the TinaSpeaks roster and the TMTV Network that I can not wait to share with you. If you are a coach, artist or speaker or shows that you would like us to consider for distribution, reach out to me directly and lets chat.

Partner with us in distributing hope and love worldwide.

What is it?

Here, we're all about empowerment—yours and mine. Our partners, productions, and products are meticulously selected to drive lasting transformation, both personally and collectively, in real life and in business.

This is your platform—a space where vulnerability isn't just embraced; it's celebrated. Your stories, successes, and uncertainties all contribute to the vibrant fabric of our community.

Think of it as a hub for growth, where positivity and self-love take center stage. You're not just a participant here; you're an active participant in shaping an environment where transformation is a constant.

Your presence here is intentional; it's the start of something incredible. This is where action meets belief, where your journey toward purposeful living begins. Together, we'll explore faith, family, love, and self-discovery.

So, take a moment to for encouragement, and the support of our growing community of coaches, artists business owners and everyday heartcentered people. Share, and connect, may you find the inspiration and courage to step into your vision or passion.

We can not wait to get to know you better!

Podcasters Coaches, Speakers Artists and Business Owners.

Do you want to partner in transforming the planet with love and hope?

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Collaboration not Competition is the heart beat of the our company and of our Allies.

What do we believe?

We believe that by changing OUR worlds individually and join together in community and distributing hope centered media through global and local broadcast can and will be make a difference - World wide

Who are we?

Tina MIchelle International is a Strategic Constellation of Businesses focused on distributing and activating hope and resources to individuals and organizations to create solutions for the down and outers and up and outers.

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