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More about Tina Michelle

Tina Michelle, is known as a “Hope Ambassador” and an “Actionist”.  She has been praised for transforming the lives of many worldwide. Raised in Tarrytown, New York by her mother, Dr. Mary Greene-France, in very modest conditions, she has always desired to instill hope in the lives of the hopeless throughout the world. Down and outers and up and outers alike.


As CEO and partner of CTYC TV a multichannel MEDIA network and founder or co-founder of several media platforms and movements, her goal to distribute hope worldwide through niche communities is constantly moving forward through strategic partnerships and education.


Professionally, as a Master Practitioner and trainer, Tina Michelle facilitates and coaches directly with everyday people as well as award-winning artists, producers, leadership teams, and business owners empowering them with clarity and giving them tools and resources for strategy and rapid manifestation of their goals and true potential.   


Tina Michelle's experience in music, publishing, corporate branding, and project delivery culminating over twenty-eight years has resulted in a diverse group of clients spanning from screenwriters and authors to entertainers, producers, business owners, athletes, and housewives. Working with people in different stages of their careers she works with beginners as well as industry veterans providing the same focus and drive implementing a comprehensive strategic yet individualized approach. Her clients include best-selling authors, and Dove, Stellar, Grammy, and Emmy Award-winning performers.

Tina Michelle has committed her life to bringing strategies of change to the marketplace and her partners have aligned with her quest to distribute “hope in action worldwide.”

Dr.Tina Michelle
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