Similar to a lot of the altruistic music events we have participated in or produced, we have very specific causes that we are passionate about.  The purpose of #TinaSpeaks, IamSheWp

 and #SheCon is to make a difference worldwide. The initiatives we are already involved in and will continue to support because events like this one are as follows:

  1. Domestic Violence

  2. Human trafficking

  3.  Food and Security amongst women and children

  4.  Social Action in our Communities

  5. New Economies for Women’s participation

  6. Gender Equality

  7.  Climate crisis

We do this by Partnering with organizations that are already proactive in these areas and we help them reach their Goals.

**Please note: We are committed to empowering the world of women and in that commitment we refuse to disempower others.  As we are focused on finding solutions and broaching very difficult conversations. #WE and SheCon will not tolerate any religious, bipartisan, racial or gender biases nor any hate rhetoric from any side of the table.  Our focus is Unity and more importantly generating Common-Unity or Community. We will have zero tolerance for anything else.