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SheCon.Live is a broadcast production event with national distribution that is focused on bringing local viewing audiences and communities together to have transformational discussions with national impact.

Our guests have the opportunity to be part of a live studio audience for the #TinaSpeaks show and reflect on the work of extraordinary individuals this past year and  to celebrate various projects rolling out in the world of women in 2020 and beyond.

By converging leaders and conversations that impact the world of women, we have an opportunity to really be in the conversation and prepare ourselves to accomplish our  goals for the following year with in a community of power while being part of shifting the national media narrative. (More)


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Do you have a message that needs to be heard by audiences nationally via TV or Live? Call now 602-759-0138 for a screeening our events and network!

Hope Re-Imagined-2021!

The Year 2021 is upon us, so our theme for this year is all about the possibilities.  Hope Re-Imagines is about giving yourself generosity, grace, and permission to do and be all that you we designed to embody. It's all about living your purpose.

What happens when women say: ”I can do anything I put my mind to" Or even better, ”We can accomplish anything that we decide to do together”? During our SheCon.com  live production event/convergence, we will be embracing each other and letting the women around us know including ourselves:


“Hey World, YES SheCan!”