Tina Michelle

SheCon Founder

Experienced Founder/Entrepreneur/philanthropist and Inspirational Speaker with a demonstrated history of working in the media broadcasting and the personal development industry.  Her Passion to “Eliminate the Wealth Gap” is demonstrated through live events, tv production and Joint Venture delivery to create what she calls the She-Conomy. Today, with more women founders than every before Tina Michelle is determined to be a catalyst for educating women in the area true wealth building and activating partnership globally and using those networks to care for the least of these to reach that goal.

"100 Years ago Women were not able to participate in the decisions of the "new economy" int he social experiment called America.   We can change that - Together"


Tina Michelle, is known as a “Hope Ambassador” and an “Actionist”.  She has been praised for transforming the lives of many worldwide. Raised in Tarrytown, New York by her mother, Dr. Mary Greene-France, in very modest conditions, she has always desired to instill hope in the lives of the hopeless throughout the world. From the "down and outers to the  up and outers".  Her philosophy is that...


" Though, we all come from different environments and cultures . underneath it all we are same. We all have the same desire to have peace, be safe and be loved.  No matter where we are today, under the hood ,we are same".


As CEO and partner of Connect to Your City, LLC aka CTYC TV , a multi-channel OTT/ OTA media network and founder and/or co-founder of several media platforms and media movements. Her goal to "Change the Narrative" and distribute hope worldwide through niche communities is constantly moving forward through partnering with media platforms world wide.


Her signature network  "Transformational Media Television" aka TMTV is Partnership of Media Moguls Managments, LLC and CTYC has been designed to showcase life affirming transformational media that is designed and produced by Certified Coaches and Change Agents and will publicly launch its new international distribution platform December 8th, 2019.  (More about Global Distribution)

Core Initiatives  - She-Con

SheCon  is a consortium of empowerment organizations that are focused on eliminating barriers of access and opportunity for women.


Through her partnership with several social networks, the work that she and her partners have committed over the past 10 years will be amplified through live/ virtual events and broadcasting congruently for 202   


From 2009-2021, Tina Michelle International and CTYC and several other partners  been able to assist and help raise aware and/or capital for the following core initiatives:

1. Domestic Violence

2. Sex trafficking and victim rescue

3. Food insecurity 

4. Housing insecurity

5. Virtual Class Room Education

6. Diversity Initiates 

Professionally, as a Master Tranformational Coach Practitioner and Trainer, Tina Michelle facilitates and coaches directly with everyday people as well as award winning artists, producers, leadership teams and business owners empowering them with clarity and giving them tools and resources for strategy and rapid manifestation of their goals and true potential.   

Tina Michelle has committed her life to bringing strategies of change to the marketplace and her partners have aligned with her quest to distribute hope in action worldwide.  SheCon is the Public LaunchPad and "Discussion Space" of that Vision.